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Bagno a Ripoli and Surroundings

Bagno a Ripoli and Surroundings

Nearby you can in fact admire the villa of de' Medici, the Vecchietti Family's castle and the recently restored mysterious 'Ninfeo' by Giambologna (1500), also known as 'La Fata Morgana'.


Castles and ancient churches (pieve) mark the surrounding landscape, including the S. Caterina d'Alessandria Oratory, showing frescos by Spinello Aretino.


From here you get easily into Florence as well as to the heart of Chianti, like Greve (14 kms) centre of the Chianti trademark “Gallo Nero”, and Impruneta (8 kms), home of the famous 'cotto toscano'.



Oratory of Santa Caterina


The Oratory was built in 1354 to a request in the will of Alberto degli Alberti.

Several different artists worked on the decoration: the so-called “mater of Barberino”. The decoration were continued thirty years later when Spinello Aretino was commissioned to narrate the story of the life of Santa Caterina on the walls of the Oratory.



Fonte della Fata Morgana


The source of the Fata Morgana is a little late sixteenth-century building erected by Bernardo Vecchietti between 1573 and 1574 as a nymph in the grounds of his villa on the slopes of Fattucchia. Borghini described in his treatise of 1584 entitled The Rest.

Inside the source was adorned by marble statue, sculpted by Giambologna, the Fata Morgana in which the source is dedicated. The source of the Fata Morgana has recently been restored.



Greve in Chianti


Greve in Chianti is a tourist town par excellence. Among other things, its stores offer typical Tuscan products under the arcades of the square, triangular, where the market is held on Saturday mornings.

Black cock "Gallo Nero" is the emblem of the city to the vineyards of Chianti. Greve in Chianti is the main town of the Chianti Classico wine region and welcomes every year in September, the largest wine fair in the Chianti area.





The village of Montefioralle is probably one of the most ancient in Chianti and is still today enclosed within its original walls.

Montefioralle is an ideal location from which to enjoy real Chianti country life. The village itself is virtually free of cars. Vineyards stretch away in every direction round about and, for those who like a country hike, there are paths and dirt roads passing by renaissance villas, stone farmhouses and ancient parish churches (pieve). Greve in Chianti is 20 minutes away on foot.



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Bed & Breakfast La Cappellina, Via Piero Gobetti 24 - 50012 - Bagno a Ripoli (FI)
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